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CS DESIGN believes that space design should not be a frame to isolate user but more importantly,

using "humanity" as the core design. The "humanity" design should be a combination between appropriate space and personality; to create a peaceful and friendly space for people. We use every possible elements to create an unique and unexpected environment and to make every piece of space wealthy. Customer is our core element becasue the ides of "humanity". Throught out conversations and discussions, we do our best to keep the budget reasonable for our customers but also give them what they want. Our job is to give you a design that only belongs to you and your personal space!

承諠認為空間設計不應只是用來隔離使用者的框架, 應以”人本”為設計主軸, 融合製作出合宜的活動空間,讓使用者備感貼心. 嚴謹的空間整合,營造出環境的細膩度;活用的空間設計,在使用上充滿驚喜. 我們以業主需求為核心, 透過不斷溝通及討論, 凡事做到為業主精密把關預算, 嚴格控管施工品質打造出符合業主心中獨一無二的專業美學空間!


To make every space useful
and to create a diversity of useful value space.
Using green power to create a better and muchcomfortable living enviorment.

擅長利用既有空間,創造多樣性的使用價值, 巧妙利用綠能材質,統合環保概念, 打造一個多層次豐富的舒適環境!